Journalist Visas/Documentary Filming in India/Film Visa Journalist Visas/Documentary Filming in India/Film Visa

Journalist Visas/Documentary Filming in India/Film Visa


    Journalist visas are given to professional journalists and photographers for up to three months' stay in India. Applicants are requested to obtain visas through VFS Global (All queries relating to Indian visa services should be directed to them)


     Journalists, Editors/Writers of Television networks and Radio Stations traveling to India on work or vacation are required to apply along with a copy of their Media Accreditation Card and/or a document from their organization describing clearly the nature of their work and whether they are traveling on work or as tourists. Journalists may be called for a interview at the Embassy of India.

Visa for Documentary Film Making in India by Foreign Audio Visual Agencies

     Obtaining visa for the purpose of documentary film making in India is a two stage process:

a)  Applying for clearance of documentary film

      Documentary film makers are required to obtain approval/clearance of the Government of India for filming a documentary in India, which may take  2 to 8 weeks’ time to come through.  For obtaining clearance for a documentary film, the following documents are required to be submitted to the Embassy:


•A detailed synopsis/treatment of the theme
•Details of locations and visits schedule
•Details of the producers and production company 
List of crew members and cinematic equipment (pdf document) to be carried by  them, to obtain  customs permit for  temporary import of cinematic equipment  to India for Filming

    Please send all the above documents by email to attpress.washington[at] Applications from media persons/agencies based in other areas (other than those under jurisdiction of the Embassy in Washington, DC) may be submitted to the concerned Consulate. Please refer to  Consular Jurisdiction.

b)      Applying for visa for documentary

     On receipt of clearance from India, Embassy will issue a 'No Objection' for the documentary. Documentary Visa application may then be submitted to VFS Global for journalist visa along with a copy of Embassy's No Objection. Upon receipt of customs permit for import of filming equipment, Embassy will issue a 'J' (Journalist ) Visa to the crew members for travel to India. . 

     Documentary filming is not permissible on other types of visas (e.g. tourist/business visas). Those traveling to India, crew members as well as crew members, for shooting a Feature Film/Realty Show/Commercial TV Show,  are advised to apply for a ‘B ’(Business) Visa and not a ‘J’ (Journalist) Visa.

Visas to Foreign Nationals Seeking to Work in Indian Media Organizations.

    Journalists or intern journalists who intend to travel to India to work in Indian media organizations should apply for Employment ‘E’ visas.
E Visa applicants are required to submit the following documents along with the visa application:

•Request from the company
•A copy of contract with the company
•Registration details of the Indian company and
•An undertaking from the Indian employer

Citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to enter India:

Visa Category – Film Visa (Multiple Entry with 1 year Validity)

 Film Visa will be issued to cast and crew members of international productions and official coproductions shooting a Feature Film, TV / Web commercial show / series and TV /Web Reality show / series. The permission for shooting these categories of production is granted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MoI&B), Government of India. The proposals are accepted and process by the Film Facilitation Office (FFO). The application is to be submitted online on The detailed step by step guide is available on the website.
For further assistance please write to

After the shooting permission has been granted by the MoI&B, the cast and crew members of the approved project are required to apply for Film Visa.

Step 1 - Apply online on
Step 2 – Submit the required documents to – (details of the nearest Indian Visa Processing Centre or Mission)

• Name
• Address
• Phone number.
• Email

Checklist of documents to be submitted for Film Visa – (as required by the Missions)

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