Washington DC


  1. The Government of India, from time to time, has revoked the suspension on several categories of visas for travel to India, which were earlier put in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The details of currently permitted categories are available at PERMITTED CATEGORIES FOR TRAVEL TO INDIA.
  2. The Government of India has restored most of the visas, which had been suspended earlier. Below is the list of some of the categories where in case the applicant has a valid regular paper visa (and not an electronic visa), there is no need for a fresh visa:
    1. Entry (X) Visas
    2. Business (B) Visas
    3. Employment (E) Visas
    4. Student (S) Visas
  3. In addition, w.e.f. 30 March, 2021, the Government of India has opened e-visas for the following categories, the details of which are available at


    1. eMedical Visa;
    2. eBusiness Visa;
    3. eConference Visa; and
    4. eMedical Attendant Visa

However, it may be noted that previous valid e-visas for the above categories, as well as for other categories, including eTourist Visa, will continue to remain suspended.  Applicants with e-visa for the above categories, which have been obtained on or after 30 March, 2021 will be allowed entry into India. The applicants are also advised that the Embassy does not process the e-visas and any enquiries in this regard will need to be made directly on the e-visa portal.

  1. Foreign nationals of Indian origin residing within the consular jurisdiction of the Embassy of India, Washington DC (https://indianembassyusa.gov.in/pages/MTk) and requiring to visit India due to a family emergency may note the following:
  1. Please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in and apply for REGULAR/PAPER VISA APPLICATION and make an application for ENTRY VISA. Fill the application, upload the photo, submit the application online, take a print-out of the visa application and sign the same.  In case of minor applicants, only the visa application and the additional particulars form can be signed by either parent, but the parental authorization will need to be signed by both the parents;
  2. Thereafter, please send the following documents in PDF format by mail to asovisa.washington@mea.gov.in and visa1.washington@mea.gov.in
    1. Copy of Duly filled in and signed online visa application form and Additional Particulars Form(pdf)
    2. Copy of Renunciation certificate/cancelled Indian passport with endorsement that foreign nationality has been acquired (if previous nationality was Indian). If renunciation certificate has not been obtained earlier, please make an application with VFS (details available at https://services.vfsglobal.com/usa/en/ind/apply-for-renunciation) and enclose a copy of the fee receipt on submission of renunciation application along with your visa application.
    3. Eligibility:Documentation (letter from the doctor/hospital) regarding eligibility for getting Indian visa on account of emergencies like critical medical condition/death in the immediate family OR copies of the Indian passports of the parents in case of minor applicants of Indian citizens OR copy of Indian passport where the applicant is married to an Indian national;
    4. Copy of address proof (Driver’s license/ utility bill or lease agreement in the name of applicant or parents in case of minor applicant);
    5. Copy of Birth Certificate of the child (if applicable);
    6. Marriage Certificate (if applicable);
    7. Copy of the applicant’s passport (only biographical pages) and existing visa, if any;
    8. Notarized Parental authorization form(pdf), duly signed by both the parents, with copies of their passports (if the applicant is under the age of 18 years);
  1. Once the application has been approved, the applicant will be requested to visit the Embassy along with the original passport, two photographs, as well as the Visa Fee (to be conveyed on approval) for grant of visa. Please do not visit the Embassy unless the visa has been approved. Please note that it may take up to 5 business days (longer in certain cases) for processing of the visa, subject to complete submission of documents. Applicants are advised not to finalize travel arrangements prior to issuance of visa.
  1. In case of any additional queries, please send an email on the email IDs mentioned at 4(ii).
  1. The applicants are also advised to go through the guidelines for international travel to India available at https://www.mohfw.gov.in/pdf/Guidelinesforinternationalarrivals17022021.pdf.

12 April 2021