Press Release  -Reduction in E-Tourist Visa Fees

Press Release -Reduction in E-Tourist Visa Fees

Embassy of India

Washington DC

Press Release - Reduction in E-Tourist Visa Fees

          In order to promote tourism, the Government of India has decided to reduce the e-Tourist Visa fees for nationals of several countries, including the United States, as per details given below:-

(i) The fee for one-year e-Tourist Visa has been reduced from US$80 to US$40;

(ii) A 30-day e-Tourist Visa has been introduced with a fee of US$25, which will be applicable during the months from July to March;

(iii) During the April to June period, the fee for a 30-day e-Tourist Visa has been further reduced from US$25 to US$10;

(iv) The fee for a Five-year e-Tourist Visa would be US$80.

The procedure for e-Tourist Visa application remains the same as per details available at

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