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Response by MEA Official Spokesperson to news report regarding the Civil Nuclear Initiative

New Delhi
September 12, 2008

The Government of India does not comment on domestic political processes in the US or other countries.

In working with the US in civil nuclear cooperation India will be guided by the 123 Agreement alone.

The text of the India-US 123 Agreement has been agreed upon by the Governments of India and the United States. It is a public document. The rights and obligations of both India and the US are clearly spelt out in the terms and provisions of the 123 Agreement. Once this Inter-Governmental Agreement enters into force, the Agreement would become a legal document in accordance with well-recognised principles of international law and the Law of Treaties.

India-US civil nuclear cooperation will be carried out on the basis of the respective rights and obligations of the two sides as contained in the Agreement. By doing so, the Government will ensure that India's rights are fully protected.