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Indian Mango exports to US start first consignment leaves today

New Delhi
April 26, 2007
(Press Information Bureau)

Sustained efforts on the part of the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and APEDA aimed at meeting the US import plant health requirements for mango have finally borne fruit. The United States Department of Agriculture has finally decided to grant market access for Indian Mangoes, thus paving the way for commencement of mango exports from India to US. 

The first export consignment of Indian mango is being shipped from Mumbai to US on 26th April 2007. Initially, India will be exporting Alphonso, Banganpalli and Kesar, the early maturing mango varieties, while Langra, Chausa, Mallika, Dussheri and other varieties are proposed for exports in the latter part of the mango season. 

Exports of Indian mango to US, which was a long-standing Indian request and an unresolved bilateral phytosanitary issue, has finally come through only as a consequence of protracted negotiations between USDA and DAC officials and after USDA brought out Import Rules for Indian mango, prescribing irradiation phytosanitary treatment and is based on a mutually agreed treatment protocol which aims at assuring that there would be no risk of introduction of exotic plant diseases and pests into US. 

Opening of the US market for Indian mango spells an excellent business opportunity for Indian mango producers and it is now for the Indian entrepreneurs, mango growers and trade associations to realize the fruits of the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture.