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Meeting of Mr. Kapil Sibal, Hon. Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, with President Mr. Abbas of Palestinian National Authority at Annapolis, on 27th November 2007

Washington, DC
November 27, 2007

Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister of Science and Technology and Earth Sciences, who is leading the Indian delegation to the International Conference to promote Arab-Israeli Peace held at Annapolis, USA had a most friendly meeting with Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority today, the 27th November 2007. The meeting took place after the Palestinian President and Israeli Prime Minister had reached agreement on the Joint Understanding, which has launched the one-year long negotiating process between the parties on the Final Status Issues. 

President Abbas expressed great satisfaction about the Indian delegation’s participation at the conference. He shared with Mr. Sibal his assessment of the outcome of the conference and briefed him in detail about the procedures and working methods for conducting future negotiations. 

President Abbas expressed his deep appreciation to India for all the assistance that has been extended by India to the Palestine National Authority so far. Minister Sibal assured him that India would be very happy to continue this cooperation in future in all areas desired by Palestinian authorities. In particular, he emphasized India’s willingness to help in providing assistance in the field of police training and institution - building and human resource development. President Abbas said that he was looking forward to India’s participation in the Donors Meeting which would be convened in Paris in December 2007. The Minister stated India’s continued commitment and support for the Palestinian cause.