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Press Release issued at the end of 10th round of India-US talks

New Delhi
January 19, 2000

Minister of External Affairs of India Mr. Jaswant Singh and Deputy Secretary of State of the United States of America Mr. Strobe Talbott met in London on January 18-19, 2000 to continue the on-going Indo - U.S. dialogue on security, non-proliferation, disarmament and related issues.

They also discussed bilateral relations, regional developments and security, the recent hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814, counter-terrorism and other global issues. Mindful of the goal of crafting a multifaceted partnership, they also discussed the possibility of institutionalizing their dialogue. Senior level officials from their respective governments joined Minister Singh and Secretary Talbott.

The talks were conducted in the positive and constructive manner that has characterized their continuing dialogue. The two sides agreed to establish a Joint Working Group on Counter-Terrorism, which will hold its first meeting in Washington in early February. They agreed to work together to ensure that the perpetrators of the hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 were brought to justice, as part of their joint efforts to combat international terrorism. The two sides also discussed arrangements to plan in detail for the proposed visit to India by President Clinton. Minister Singh and Secretary Talbott agreed on the need to intensify and broaden Indo-American discussions and looked forward to further meetings.