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Student Advisory for F-1 Visa Holders regarding Practical Training

Embassy of India

Washington DC


Student Advisory for F-1 Visa Holders regarding Practical Training

The Embassy of India Student Hub would like to advise the following to the Indian students with F-1 status, who are pursuing/looking to pursue practical training opportunities, including Curricular Practical Training (CPT), pre-completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), post-completion OPT, and/or the STEM Extension OPT:

We recognize that some Indian students in the United States may be facing challenges in securing and/or retaining practical training opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students are advised to remain in contact with their Designated School Official (DSO) regarding their situation, as DSO are the best sources of reliable information in this regard.

Students are reminded that they must comply with all provisions of their F-1 visa as required by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Student and Visitor Exchange Program (SEVP), and the U.S. Department of State. This includes complying with their CPT/OPT employment/reporting requirements. In case of any clarifications or questions on these provisions/ and their application, students are advised to consult their DSO.

Students are advised to research the employer and also the position being offered for the CPT/ OPT and check with their DSO to ensure that such opportunity is in compliance with the practical training requirements.

SEVP defined guidelines regarding student employment may be referred to here: https://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/working-in-the-united-states

FAQs and guidance from the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement regarding the evolving COVID-19 situation may be referred at: https://www.ice.gov/doclib/coronavirus/covid19faq.pdf


17 June 2020