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Official Spokesman's response to adoption of UN Security Council Resolution on India's nuclear tests

June 6, 1998

The following is the Ministry of External Affairs Official Spokesman's statement  
in respose to the UN Security Council's Resolution adopted by the Council on June 6, 1998 

We regret that the Security Council has acted in the way it has and 
produced a resolution which is coercive and unhelpful in respect of the 
objectives it seeks to address.  The problem  of non-proliferation cannot 
be arbitrarily  confined to a narrow geographical segment, but can be 
addressed meaningfully only in a global framework.  This narrow focus and 
approach by the Council will heighten tensions, not lessen them. 

India has  reiterated its commitment to non-proliferation frequently. 
India is conscious of its responsibilities as a nuclear weapon state.  Our 
impeccable record speaks for itself and is better than that of many who 
have chosen to attempt to instruct us in the matter.  India has proposed a 
series of measures, including no-first-use, moratorium on further testing 
and negotiations on FMCT.  Attempts to coerce Member States to accede to 
international treaties is contrary to the norms of international law.  The 
NPT represents an unequal world order.  The Council's authority to decide 
on disarmament matters is questionable and not in conformity with the UN 

The Security Council is strangely silent on many fundamental questions on 
its role under the UN Charter, raised by the Permanent Representative of 
India to the United Nations in the letter addressed to the President of 
the Security Council on 4th June, 1998. 

We find it grotesque that an organ of the United Nations should seek to 
address India in this manner - a country that represents one-sixth of 
humanity and is the world's largest democracy and a founder member of the 
UN and NAM,  a country which has contributed significantly to the 
evolution and growth of the organisation.  India has consistently 
supported an enlightened multilateralism and globalism and participated 
constructively in the UN's activities since its inception including UN 
Peace Keeping Operations. 

In respect of the global situation created by presence of nuclear 
weapons, we firmly recommend a global and comprehensive approach, working 
towards adopting  a Nuclear Weapons Convention, in the shortest possible 

India is committed to fostering friendship and cooperation with all 
neighbouring countries.  With Pakistan, we are determined to resolve all 
outstanding issues through direct bilateral dialogue and establish a 
mutually beneficial relationship.  Our proposals for resuming the dialogue 
are with Pakistan.  There is no place for third party involvement of any 
nature whatsoever in this process.