List of Officers
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List of Officers

Name & Designation
Mr. Harsh Vardhan Shringla
Ambassador's Office
Mr. Yash Pal Singh
Second Secretary, Ambassador’s Office
Mr. T. Rajagopal
Second Secretary, Ambassador’s Office
Deputy Chief of Mission
Mr. Rajesham Merugu
Second Secretary, Deputy Chief of Mission’s Office
Political Wing
Mr. Mridu Pawan Das
Counsellor (Political)
Mr. Gopalakrishnan S
Counsellor (Political) & HOC
Mr. S. Raghuram
Counsellor (Political)
Ms. Satwant Khanalia
First Secretary (Political & Senate Liaison)
Dr. Thelma John David
First Secretary (Political)
Ms. Poonam Gupta
Second Secretary (Political)
Press, Information & Culture Wing
Mr. Shambhulingappa Hakki
First Secretary (PIC)
Mr. Gopalakrishnan S
Counsellor (Political) & HOC
Mr. Naresh Kumar
First Secretary (Projects)
Personnel Wing
Mr. Rajesh Subarno
Counsellor (Personnel)
Community Affairs Wing
Mr. Anurag Kumar
Minister (Community Affairs)
V K Sethu Madhavan
Second Secretary, Minister (Community Affairs) Office
Economic Wing
Mr. Arunish Chawla
Minister (Economic)
Mr. Nilkanth Avhad
Counsellor (Economic)
Ms. Karamjeet Kaur
Third Secretary (Eco)
Military Wing
Brig. Anoop Shinghal
Military Attache
Air Wing
Air Cmde. P V Shivanand
Air Attache
Naval Wing
Defence Technology Wing
Dr.Sumit Goswami
Counsellor (Defence Technology)
Science & Technology Wing

Dr. Dhananjay Kumar Tiwary
Counsellor (S&T)

Mr. Chander Parkash
First Secretary

Commerce Wing
Mr. Puneet Roy Kundal
Minister (Commerce)
Mr. Anshul Sharma
Counsellor (Commerce)
Mr. Sanjeev Tandon
Counsellor (Commerce)
Counsellor (ISRO)
Dr. Shyam Prasad Katipalli
First Secretary (ITOU)
Consular, Passport & Visa Wing
Dr. Jaideep Nair
Minister (Consular)
Mr. Vinayak Prataprao Chavan
First Secretary
Mr . P.C. Mishra
Second Secretary (Visa)
Office of the Principal Director of Audit
Mr. Purushottam Tiwary
Principal Director of Audit
Mr. Ramawatar Sharma
Director of Audit