Life Certificate Life Certificate

Life Certificate

Owing to the growing spread of COVID19, it has been decided to stop the walk-in Miscellaneous Consular Services at the Embassy of India with effect from March 16, 2020. The services will continue to be provided through Postal mail/shipping.

How to Apply By Mail

Applicants while forwarding applications by postal mail for this service may send only notarized copies of Passport and address proof. No originals required to be sent by post.


Download the Miscellaneous Application form and fill it up carefully. Each applicant is required to fill up separate Miscellaneous Application form and affix his/her photograph on the same. ONLY ONE COPY OF LIFE CERTIFICATE WILL BE ISSUED.


Add a recent (no later than 15 days) certificate from a registered medical practitioner, certifying that applicant (with name) has been examined (with date) by the medical practitioner and is alive on the day.


Applicants for pension purpose may submit original and self-attested copy of the pension book/bank documents of pension.


Applicants applying for Life Certificate other than pension may provide reasons for the same in a self-attested document.


Original and one photocopy of the Life Certificate (dully filled in and signed by applicant), which has been provided by the Pension Authorities in India. In the absence of this document, Embassy will issue Life Certificate as per its own format.


Applicant’s current valid passport in original and its photocopy. Those having Indian passport may provide original and photocopies of the first five pages and last two pages of the passport. Original and photocopy of the documents showing valid US visa status.


Original and photocopy of any of the following documents as proof of residence: US Driving License, Utility Bill, Lease Agreement, State Identity Card or Mortgage Deed.


Send in the application enclosing a trackable pre-paid self-addressed return mailing envelope. Incomplete applications will be send back indicating the requisites to complete those.


Fee: (a) Life Certificate for pension for applicants with Indian and non-Indian passports. Afee of US$2.00 (Two Only) towards Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) per application.

(b) Life Certificate for purposes other than pension for Indian and non-Indian passport holders. A fee of US $ 20.00(Twenty Only) and an additional fee of US$2.00 (Two Only) towards Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) per application.

The fees may be paid as money order/cashiers’ cheque, drawn separately towards fee and ICWF, in favour of Embassy of India, Washington DC.


Processing Time: Ten working days from the date of receipt of mail at the Embassy, subject to submission of all requisite documents.