Press Release - Ambassador of India interacts with Governor of Utah Press Release - Ambassador of India interacts with Governor of Utah

Ambassador of India to the United States Taranjit Singh Sandhu and Governor of Utah Gary R. Herbert discussed the growing ties between the state of Utah and India in a meeting at India House, Washington DC on 27 August 2020. India-Utah relationship is multi-faceted and vibrant, incorporating strong cultural and commercial ties.

2.       Ambassador Sandhu and Governor Herbert discussed the synergies in trade and investment and the potential of growing the relationship between India and Utah. Indian companies such as Tata Chemicals and Associated Capsule Group and Sami Labs have significant operations in Utah creating jobs and fueling innovation.

3.       The emergence of IT, healthcare and tech services sector in the region have strengthened people-to-people linkages between Utah and India, and there is a growing Indian community in the Salt Lake region.

4.       Ambassador Sandhu also noted the level of collaboration on a State-to-State level between Utah and India. He acknowledging the importance of the framework agreement signed between Rajasthan's Energy Department and Utah Governor's Office of Energy Development to bolster energy policy best practices sharing and support the development of the energy sector in both states.

5.       Ambassador Sandhu and Governor Herbert agreed to work to strengthen India-Utah relations by tapping on mutually beneficial economic opportunities.


27 August 2020
Washington D.C


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