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US President elect Barack Obama calls Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

New Delhi 
November 12, 2008

President-elect of the United States Mr. Barack Obama called the Prime Minister this morning. The Prime Minister congratulated him warmly and said that his historic victory was a source of inspiration for oppressed people all over the world. 

President-elect Obama praised the Prime Minister’s contribution to the progress of India both as Minister of Finance earlier and now as Prime Minister. He said that the US-India strategic relationship was a very important partnership and that the new administration wanted to work together with India on all important global issues. 

The Prime Minister said that relations between India and the United States were very good but that we could not be satisfied with the status quo. The Prime Minister conveyed his best wishes for the success of the new administration in meeting the enormous challenges that face the world and invited the President-elect and Mrs. Obama to visit India. He said that a warm welcome awaited them. The President-elect said that he wished to make an early visit to India.