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Joint Statement after the meeting of the Indo-US Joint Working Group on Counter terrorism

New Delhi
February 28, 2007 

Indo-US joint working group on counter terrorism met today to discuss cooperative strategies to fight the global menace of terrorism. The US delegation, led by the Acting Coordinator for Counterterrorism, Frank Urbancic met over a full day with KC Singh, Additional Secretary for International Organizations at the Ministry of External Affairs, who hosted the delegation.

They discussed, inter alia, regional counter terrorism efforts, threat assessments in South Asia and the Middle East, bio terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and the on-going Anti-terrorism Assistance Training Program. The two parties also discussed terrorist finance and money laundering, the ideological dimensions of terrorism, information sharing and widened cooperation for preventing terrorist acts.

They also agreed to find new ways to forge institutional linkages to foster closer interaction and cooperation.

They concurred that no country today is safe from terrorism, and the cooperation between India and the United States not only strengthens the fight against the scourge of terrorism, but is a symbol of the way in which like-minded democracies can work together as partners in countering the global menace of terrorism.

The next meeting of the counter-terrorism joint working group will take place in Washington in the fall.