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Launch of the 8th World Hindi Conference website in New York

New York
April 23, 2007

The logo and website for the 8th World Hindi Conference (WHC) were launched today in New York by the Hon’ble Minister of State for External Affairs, Shri Anand Sharma, at a function organized at the Consulate General of India.

The Hon’ble Minister addressed a gathering of over 100 guests, including print and electronic media, representatives of Hindi Organisations and prominent members of the Community. He informed the audience about the 8th World Hindi Conference that is scheduled to take place in New York from 13-15 July, 2007 and highlighted the significance of holding the event in New York which is not only a global hub of the international business, commerce, finance and media, but also headquarters of the United Nations and a true melting pot of diverse cultures, languages and ethnicities. Recognizing the significance of the language in the development of any nation, the Hon’ble Minister stated even though India is a multi-lingual country, Hindi acts as a unifying force and plays an important role in strengthening the Indian identity. Organization of the 8th World Hindi Conference by the Government of India is a major step in the Government’s effort to promote Hindi.

Following his address, Hon’ble Minister launched the website of the Conference and interacted with the media.

The 8th World Hindi Conference is being organized by the Government of India in cooperation with the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and other Hindi organizations based in the US. The inaugural ceremony of the Conference will take place at UN Headquarters, which will be followed by an academic session on ‘Hindi in the UN’ at the same venue. The three day programme of the Conference includes academic sessions, cultural programmes and exhibitions that would be held at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Details of the Conference programme are available on the newly launched Conference website at http://www.vishwahindi.com/index.htm