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MEA Official Spokesperson response to questions on India's vote on the Iran nuclear issue at the IAEA Board meeting in Vienna

New Delhi
February 4, 2006 

In response to questions on India’s vote on the Iran nuclear issue at the IAEA Board meeting in Vienna, the MEA Official Spokesperson said:

- The Resolution is well-balanced. Several amendments suggested by Non-aligned countries were accepted by the EU co-sponsors. While there will be a report to the Security Council, the Iran nuclear issue remains within the purview of the IAEA.

- It has been our consistent position that confrontation should be avoided and any outstanding issue ought to be resolved through dialogue. The Resolution has won a period of six weeks, before the march IAEA Board Meeting, for diplomatic efforts to continue and to get negotiations between the EU-3 and Iran back on track. It also provides an opportunity for serious consideration of the Russian proposal for a joint venture with Iran for uranium enrichment.

- Our vote in favour of the Resolution should not be interpreted as in any way detracting from the traditionally close and friendly relations we enjoy with Iran. It is our conviction that our active role, along with other friendly countries, enabled the tabling of a resolution that recognizes the right of Iran to peaceful uses of nuclear energy for its development, consistent with its international commitments and obligations, while keeping the door open for further dialogue aimed at resolving the outstanding issues within the purview of the IAEA.

- We call upon Iran to respond positively to the requests from the IAEA Board to restore the confidence building measures it had voluntarily adopted in the Paris agreement, and continue to cooperate with the IAEA in resolving any outstanding issues related to its nuclear programme.