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Response of Official Spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs to questions that US has expressed reservations to Russia's intention to supply nuclear fuel for Tarapur

New Delhi
March 15, 2006

There is no violation of NSG guidelines and Russia has approached NSG under the safety exception clause. US is aware of the urgent need for fuel for Tarapur.

India had made a request to the US to supply fuel for Tarapur, but this was not possible under current US laws. The July 18 Joint Statement has stated that the US will seek to adjust its laws and seek a change in NSG guidelines to enable full civil nuclear cooperation with India, including, fuel supplies for the safeguarded reactors at Tarapur. The statement also commits the US, in the meantime, to encourage its partners to consider India’s request for such fuel supplies expeditiously. India has had to seek urgent and limited supplies of uranium fuel to enable Tarapur to continue its operations in safety.

The US Congress is currently debating a change in US laws which would enable full civilian nuclear energy cooperation with India. Once US laws have been amended, India looks forward to the US emerging as a major and reliable partner to India, not only in respect of assured fuel supplies, but for other aspects of civilian nuclear energy cooperation.