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Prime Minister's Statement on Departure for Outreach Session with G-8 Summit at St. Petersburg

New Delhi
July 16, 2006 

“I am visiting St. Petersburg to participate in the Outreach Session of the G-8 Summit which will be held tomorrow. We welcome the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, the Host of the G-8 Summit to extend an invitation to India. Brazil, China, Mexico, South Africa, Congo and Kazakhstan will also participate in the Outreach Session. The main issues on the Agenda include global energy security, education and fight against infectious diseases – all issues of vital importance to the global community. 

It is our expectation that the St. Petersburg Summit will also provide a useful opportunity for discussions between the industrialised countries and major emerging economies of the world on issues such as security, world trade, terrorism and globalisation. 

Terrorism is a scourge that continues to afflict different parts of the world. The tragic human cost that this entails was brought forth once again by the recent attacks in Mumbai and Srinagar. 

We will impress upon the leaders gathered at the G-8 Summit that the international community must adopt an approach of zero-tolerance for terrorism anywhere. The international community must isolate and condemn terrorists wherever they attack, whatever their cause and whichever country or group provides them sustenance and support. 

During my stay in St. Petersburg, I look forward to meeting world leaders present there: including President Putin of Russia, President Bush of the United States, President Hu Jintao of China, President Lula da Silva of Brazil, Chancellor Merkel of Germany and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan. I will also participate in the first trilateral meeting at the Summit level with the Presidents of Russia and China, which will take place in St. Petersburg.”