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Press Statement on Iraq Elections

New Delhi
January 31, 2005

The Government of India have been carefully monitoring recent political developments in Iraq. It has been our view that the restoration of full sovereignty to the Iraqi people is a necessary pre-condition for peace and stability in that country. In that context, the holding of elections in Iraq on January 30, 2005 is a noteworthy development. Preliminary reports about the turnout of voters are encouraging. We hope that these events would set in motion a process that would lead the Iraqi people taking full control of their destiny. 

As is well-known, India has traditionally strong ties of friendship with Iraq and its people. We would, therefore, welcome the return of political stability and economic prosperity to the country, situated in an area of considerable strategic importance to India, in terms of the large population of Indian citizens who live and work in the Gulf, as also a significant source of our energy supplies. We wish the people of Iraq success in their efforts towards nation- building and stand ready to contribute to the country’s reconstruction in an environment free from violence.