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Indian aid for hurricane Katrina victims delivered

Washington, DC
September 17, 2005

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An Indian Air Force IL-76 aircraft delivered 25 tonnes of relief supplies for the Hurricane Katrina victims at the Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas on September 13, 2005. The relief supplies comprised 3000 blankets, bed sheets, tarpaulins and personal hygiene items. Brig General Kip Self, Station Commander of the Air Force Base, received the IAF’s IL-76 aircraft. 

IAF’s IL-76 took off from Palam airport on September 10, 2005 and reached USA via Muscat, Cairo, Lisbon, Lajes and Boston. The aircraft returned to India on September 17, 2005 following the same route as inbound.

The Indian Ambassador in Washington earlier presented a cheque of US Dollars 5 million to the U.S. Red Cross on September 8, 2005 as aid to Katrina victims on behalf of the Indian government.