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Ambassador Ronen Sen presented Credentials to U. S. President George W. Bush

September 15, 2004
Washington, DC

Ambassador Ronen Sen presented his Credentials today to President George W. Bush at the Oval Office of the White House.

Ambassador Sen reiterated the desire of the new Government of India to further strengthen the multi-faceted relations between India and the United States, which have entered one of the most productive phases of engagement.

President Bush warmly welcomed the Ambassador to Washington, and said that the development of close relations between the United States and India has been a high-priority goal since the beginning of his Administration. He welcomed the public commitment of the Government of India to the continued forward movement in bilateral ties and expressed his confidence that under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s leadership, the relationship will be strengthened even further. The US shared the goal of working together with India to make the strategic partnership broader and deeper.

The President remarked that the positive transformation in the relationship is rooted in common values and interests as democratic societies committed to political freedom, tolerance and the fight against terrorism. India’s emergence as a rising world power and its development into a major market economy are significant to the region and the world.

President Bush added that the US-India economic relationship presents a significant opportunity for both the nations. Indian products and services have done well in the US market, and a vibrant growing Indian economy should be a magnet for increased US exports and investment. He said that this can happen as the pace of economic reforms in India gathers steam.

The President also noted the real progress in strengthening defense ties. He noted the commitment of both countries to defeating terrorism, and added that the two nations have suffered at the hands of terrorists. He also welcomed the efforts made by the Governments of India and Pakistan to improve ties.

The President said that expansion of cooperation in civilian nuclear activities, civilian space programmes, and high technology trade and of the dialogue on missile defence, will deepen the ties of friendship between the two nations. He concluded by noting that the US-India relationship gain more vitality from growing interaction between individual citizens of the two democracies.

President Bush said that he looked forward to meeting Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, in New York next week.