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Remarks of MEA Spokesperson on the letter from Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to President Bush

New Delhi
November 4, 2004

Prime Minister has sent a letter to President George Bush on his reelection as the President of the United States of America extending his warmest congratulations. In his letter the Prime Minister has recalled his discussions between the two leaders in New York in September, which focused on the overriding priority of making the future more secure. As partners against terrorism and WMD proliferation, India will stand by the United States in strengthening international peace and stability. The Prime Minister has also written that a major goal of our policies must be to continue to deny any comfort and encouragement to religious extremism or terrorism and resolve to ensure their complete elimination as an acceptable instrument of state policy. Prime Minister expressed his confidence that India and the United States are on the same side in this effort.

The Prime Minister also recalled that during the first term in office of President Bush, bilateral relations between India and the United States underwent a qualitative transformation and that was due in no small part to personal commitment and efforts of President Bush and we must now embark on a larger and more ambitious agenda for broader strategic cooperation. The common values and shared vision between India and the United States provide an enduring base for the bilateral relationship which is based on trust and mutual confidence and can make a positive difference on issues of global significance in this century.

Prime Minister has also mentioned that a possible visit by President Bush to India would be a milestone in our bilateral relations and expressed the hope that we would have the opportunity to welcome President Bush in India very soon.

This is the letter from the Prime Minister to the President, which is being conveyed by our Ambassador in Washington. I have given you the gist of the letter.