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Ambassador Bill Richardson meeting with Prime Minister Vajpayee

14 April 1998
New Delhi

  The Prime Minister received Mr. Bill Richardson, US Ambassador to the UN this morning. The Prime
  Minister welcomed the strategic dialogue between the two countries and reiterated his commitment to
  promoting Indo-US understanding and cooperation. He reconfirmed the invitation to President Clinton
  to visit India later this year. Ambassador Richardson conveyed that President Clinton was looking
  forward to the visit, the dates for which will be finalised through diplomatic chennels. He handed over
  a letter to the Prime Minister from President Clinton. This letter speaks of President Clinton's desire to
  advance the shared interests and common objectives of the two countries and to strengthen and
  deepen Indo-US relations.

  Ambassador Richardson also described the US perspective for the 21st century in which India and the
  United States should work together as countries with global responsibilities. Shri Vajpayee called for
  closer cooperation between India and the USA in the fields of trade, investment and science &
  technology. The Prime Minister and Ambassador Richardson agreed on the need to combat terrorism.

  The Prime Minister also spoke briefly about the new Government's foreign policy priorities, including
  improving relations with our South Asian neighbours which the American side welcomed.