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Official Spokesman's statement on Pakistan's allegation

Our High Commissioner in Pakistan was called in by the Pakistan Foreign Secretary at 0210 hours (IST) this morning. The Pakistan Foreign Secretary conveyed to our High Commissioner that India was preparing to attack the nuclear facilities of Pakistan. Our High Commissioner dismissed this as an utterly absurd and malicious allegation. Pakistan has also sought to spread this canard in the UN and some important world capitals. In the normal course we would not have lent dignity to this vicious propaganda but as it could be a part of a more nefarious design, we would like to make it clear that India stands committed to uphold its treaty obligations and agreements including the India-Pakistan Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations and Facilities. There is no intention, on our part, to heighten tension between India and Pakistan. We see in these Pakistani efforts yet another example of their deep frustration. We are confident that all concerned will reject these crude manifestations of the traditional Pakistani mindset of hostility against India.

New Delhi,
May 28, 1998