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Dates for India-Pakistan discussions

October 6, 1998
New Delhi

Dates for India-Pakistan Discussions

In the context of the resumption of their official dialogue, India and Pakistan had agreed last month that talks on the subjects of Siachen, Tulbul Navigation Project, Sir Creek, Economic and Commercial Cooperation, Terrorism and Drug Trafficking and Promotion of Friendly Exchanges in various fields would be held in New Delhi in the first half of November, 1998. Specific dates have now been decided for discussions on the above mentioned subjects of the composite dialogue process, and Pakistani delegates will be visiting New Delhi from November 5th to 13th, 1998 on the basis of the schedule given below.

             Subject                                                   Dates of Talks    Delegation Leaders

  1. Tulbul Navigation Project                                       5th Nov.    Secretaries, Water & Power
  2. Siachen                                                                  6th Nov.    Defence Secretaries
  3. Sir Creek                                                               9th Nov.    Surveyor General/ Additional Secretary (Defence)
  4. Economic & Commercial Cooperation                  10th Nov.    Commerce Secretaries
  5. Terrorism & Drug Trafficking                                12th Nov.    Home/ Interior Secretary
  6. Promotion of Friendly Exchanges in various fields   13th Nov.   Secretaries, Culture