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Joint Statement issued at Rome after India-US talks

November 20, 1998

Following is a Press Release issued by the
Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

Joint Statement issued at Rome after Indo-US talks

Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of the Government of India Jaswant Singh and Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Strobe Talbott met in Rome on November 19-20, 1998 for the seventh round bilateral discussions. The two sides reviewed issues related to disarmament, non-proliferation, and bilateral relations, as well as regional and international developments. Mr. Singh and Mr. Talbott received and discussed an extensive report on the recent meeting on export controls between Indian and American delegations in New Delhi on November 9-10. Those talks were deemed helpful to the prospect of continuing cooperation in this area. The Indian delegation raised its concern about the recently published entities list and access to international financial institutions. The American delegation described the circumstances that will enable the two countries to transcend such difficulties as currently exist. Both delegations found the November 19-20 exchanges constructive and judge that they will contribute to an atmosphere that will facilitate further progress in establishing the positive environment both sides seek. The two sides will meet again in January in New Delhi to carry forward this process.