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PRESS RELEASE -Ambassador Nirupama Rao meets US Senator Joe Lieberman

Washington, DC

    Ambassador Nirupama Rao met senior US Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut on November 8, 2011 at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

    Senator Lieberman is among the most influential voices in the US Congress on foreign policy and national security issues, and a strong supporter of India-US strategic partnership.  He is a member of the Senate India Caucus.

    Senator Lieberman welcomed Ambassador Rao on her appointment as India’s Ambassador to the US.  Underlining his own commitment to India-US relations, he mentioned that one of the most remarkable developments of his over two decade-long political career was the total transformation of this relationship.  Ambassador Rao conveyed India’s appreciation for the critical role played by Senator Lieberman in bringing about this transformation.

    Ambassador Rao and Senator Lieberman discussed recent developments in the India-US strategic partnership and emphasized the shared values and interests that brought the two countries closer.  They also exchanged views on the regional situation, particularly in Afghanistan and the common interests of India and the US in ensuring peace, security and development in Afghanistan.

    Ambassador Rao also thanked Senator Lieberman for the very positive note struck in his speech on Asia-Pacific at the Heritage Foundation on November 2 where he advocated a deeper engagement between India and the US.  They agreed that the emergence of an open, balanced and inclusive architecture in the Asia-Pacific region was in the interest of both India and the US.