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Press Release - Ambassador Nirupama Rao meets U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

Washington, DC
Ambassador Nirupama Rao met Senator Mark Kirk from Illinois on November 3 at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Senator Kirk is known for his keen foreign policy interests and is a strong advocate of closer India-U.S. relations.  He is a member of the Senate India Caucus.

Ambassador Rao and Senator Kirk exchanged views on India-U.S. bilateral relations and took positive note of the growing momentum of cooperation across a wide range of issues.

Senator Kirk is also an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve holding the rank of Commander.  He visited Afghanistan recently on a two-week tour of duty. In an article carried by the Hindustan Times, New Delhi on October 12, 2011, Senator Kirk noted, “Both (India and the U.S.) fight terror, advance democracy and are committed to tolerance in an increasingly intolerant world.” 

During their meeting, Ambassador Rao and Senator Kirk discussed the situation in Afghanistan and the common interests of India and U.S. in the long-term peace, security and development of Afghanistan. Ambassador Rao referred to India’s robust development assistance to Afghanistan and India’s vision for an independent sovereign, stable, united, democratic and prosperous Afghanistan, emerging as the hub for trade, transportation and energy linking Central and South Asia.  Senator Kirk welcomed India’s positive contribution to Afghanistan’s reconstruction and described a strong U.S.-India partnership as an important factor for Afghanistan’s peace and prosperity.