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Press Note on Indian students of Tri Valley University

 Washington, DC

        Officials of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of State, ICE and USCIS met representatives of the Embassy today (October 21, 2011), and discussed the issues relating to Indian students of Tri-Valley University, California.  US officials informed that of more than a thousand students who were being considered for transfer to other universities, 435 transfers were approved, 145 were denied and about an equal number were issued with Notices of Intention to Deny (NOIDs).  The remaining cases of transfer are still under examination.  

        It was further informed by US officials that the cases of students have been examined individually after evaluating all the information provided by the students.  They have advised that students who have received NOIDs should reply to the notices in stipulated time with required / additional information/documents. 

        The Embassy of India impressed upon US officials that the Indian students of Tri-Valley University have undergone hardship since the closure of the University and that their cases should be viewed with understanding.  

        The Embassy of India is continuing its efforts with US authorities for addressing the plight of TVU students.