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Press Release on welcome of Ambassador Nirupama Rao by USIBC

Washington, DC

India’s Ambassador to the United States, Nirupama Rao, was accorded a warm welcome by the U.S. – India Business Council in Washington, DC on September 14.  Over 300 representatives from different U.S. companies, industry associations and a cross-section of media were present at the event. 

            In her remarks, Ambassador Rao conveyed a strong message of a positive and expanding India – U.S. relationship which has transcended to strategic.  She elaborated in detail the commercial and business opportunities that India and its economic growth have to offer to the U.S. companies.  She urged U.S. companies to take a long term view of cooperation with India. 

            Ambassador Rao also held a detailed interaction chaired by Secretary William Cohen and attended by USIBC Board Members and others. The participants assessed the opportunities, issues and challenges in the India -  U.S. relationship and approaches to advance business ties between the two countries. 

U.S. – India Business Council, that was formed in 1975, has a membership of around 380 U.S. companies, including 24 Indian companies.  It represents the U.S. private sector in several bilateral mechanisms, including High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG), Defense Procurement and Production Group (DPPG), the working group on Information and Communication Technology, etc.