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Press Release - Indian Industry meets the U.S. Congress

Washington, DC
At an event organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry and India Business Forum at the Capitol Hill, Ambassador Mrs. Meera Shankar spoke of the two-way flow of India-U.S. trade and commercial engagement in various sectors. At this well attended programme, over 25 top Indian companies operating in the United States in various sectors including information technology,  automotives, pharmaceuticals, communication, steel manufacturing,  interacted with the Congressmen and Senators, and senior officials, both on the House and the Senate side.
Ambassador stated that the Indian Industry was reaching out collectively to the U.S. Congress with a strong message. A message that Indian industry is one of the key constituents and stakeholders in the growing India-U.S. relationship. A message that as the India-U.S. Strategic Partnership grows, Indian industry is willing to play its role and provide it with concrete commercial underpinnings. A message that Indian businesses are investing in the U.S. economy and are today generating and sustaining  thousands of direct and indirect U.S. jobs. And, last but not least, a message of their commitment to work closely with U.S. stakeholders, in the Congress, the Administration and with the private sector to promote broad-based and mutually beneficial  bilateral trade and economic engagement.

In his remarks Senator John Cornyn said that the relationship between the U.S.–the world’s oldest democracy–and India – the world’s largest democracy – has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Trade in goods and services between the United States and India has grown exponentially, creating countless economic opportunities for both our countries and providing U.S. consumers with access to affordable goods. Representative Royce began with a very apt ‘Jai Hind’ and spoke not just about the investments being made by Indian firms in the United States, but also praised the Indian development model, pushing for US companies to also invest in India as  part of the ‘two-way relationship’. Senator Klobuchar from Minnesota provided a positive account of Essar Americas’ $1.3 billion greenfield investment in Minnesota which helped save the mine from closing.

Along with the Senators and Congressmen present, and CII Country Director Kiran Pasricha, Ambassador also released a publication titled “INDIAN ROOTS, AMERICAN SOIL: A Look at Indian Companies in the U.S. Economy”, which showcases the message of job and value creation by the Indian companies in the United States.