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Tender for Passport Service Outsourcing - Response to additional Questions

1.  What is the rationale behind choosing 2 Service Providers

1.   To generate a healthy competition between the two service providers which will result in better service to the applicants.
2. How the selection criteria differs for choosing 2 Service Providers, if the Embassy of India choose to.

2.  The selection criteria remains the same.  The service providers would be those who have quoted the lowest rates, provided their technical bids meet the required standards.

3. In case of 2 Service Providers, does the Embassy expect both of them operate in all 5 cities? Will the Service Provider have option to opt out some of the cities after consulting with the Embassy, in case of 2 Service Providers.

3.   Both will have to operate in all 5 cities and there is no option to opt out.
4. Can we send one CD with all the documents.

4.  We will need a hard copy, in addition to the CD, as explained on our website.

5. Can we submit the proposals in person at the Embassy. If so, please provide the address and authorized person collecting the proposals.

5.  Yes – in sealed cover.  The address on the cover should be ‘Mr.P.Kumaran, Counsellor and Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, 2107, Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington DC-20008’ and could be handed over at the Reception for delivery to Mr.K.S.Mathews, Second Secretary(Pol&Adm), in the Embassy.

6. Will the Embassy announce the results after the Technical round? If so, the mode of announcement and when it will be available.

6.  Yes. Results will be intimated to all participating companies either by mail or email.  Those who are successful in the technical bid stage will qualify for the financial bid stage and will be informed accordingly.

7. Will the Embassy consider on a valid ground to extend the 3 months time period for implementing the project.

7.  Ordinarily No, except in force majueure situations.  However, constraints, if any, may be brought out in the technical bidding.

8. Does the Embassy have any plans to share the Visa processing with the new Service Providers in the near future ?

8.   Not at present, but it can’t be ruled out in the future.