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Press Release

Washington, DC 
March 15, 2008

In response to a question on a report in the Washington Post of March 14, 2008, Mr. Rahul Chhabra, Spokesperson of the Indian Embassy stated that Government of India has noted the report on the case of M/S CIRRUS Electronics, a Singapore-based firm having offices in USA, which has been charged with evasion of US export laws. 

The report incorrectly suggests Government of India’s complicity in the violation of US laws by the said Singapore-based firm. 

M/S Cirrus Electronics, Singapore had responded to the requirement of Indian organisations, which had been advertised through a transparent, public, open tendering process. Therefore the question of clandestine acquisition of US technology by Indian entities does not arise. 

Government of India does not obtain items from other countries clandestinely in violation of their export control laws and regulations. As a responsible State, Government of India has its own stringent export control laws in place for exports of dual use/ sensitive items. 

The Governments of India and the US have put in place a system of end use verification through the bilateral End Use Verification Arrangement (EUVA), signed in September 2004. 
Indian importers, including Government of India entities have been meticulously following the agreed procedures - including the issue of end use certificates and facilitating end use checks, if the exporting firm/vendor conveys such requirements. The experience of both sides with this arrangement has been satisfactory.