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Remarks by Foreign Secretary Mr. Shivshankar Menon at the memorial service to commemorate victims of the terrorist attack on the Indian Embassy on 7th July

July 13, 2008 

Members of the Afghan Cabinet, Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, 

I have come from Delhi to be here with you on this significant and poignant occasion. We, Afghans and Indians, have suffered grievous losses in the dastardly terrorist attack on our Kabul Embassy on 7 July. Our heart goes out to the victims, the injured and their families. 

The attack on July 7 is the work of our common enemies, of the enemies of our friendship, and of the enemies of peace in Afghanistan and our region. No words of condemnation are too strong for the perpetrators and organisers of this attack. They must and will face a reckoning. Justice must be served. 

Previous speakers have spoken eloquently about those we have lost. It is for us who remain to ensure that their sacrifices will not be in vain. 

We in India are determined to continue the work of these martyrs to our friendship. India’s commitment to the reconstruction of Afghanistan and to work with our Afghan brothers is unwavering. 

Earlier today, our Embassy in Kabul began issuing visas again. As they rebuild and regroup, the Embassy personnel under Ambassador Jayant Prasad’s leadership have set a magnificent example that makes every Indian proud. 

The strong and spontaneous support and sympathy that we have received from the Afghan Government and from people in all walks of life, inspires us. Earlier today, President Karzai expressed his shock and horror and determination to work together against the forces behind the attack. These words and actions are a great comfort to us all. We are most grateful. 

Let there be no doubt that India and Afghanistan are and will be, today and in the future, partners. 

Thank you all for coming today.